Yorkshire Tea

The Yorkshire Tea company is world famous for being one of the best English tea makers in the world. As its logo indicates, the founder of the company, Charles Taylor, made his first mixture of teas in 1886. His company achieved fame, especially after 1896, when he won the gold medal at the London Grocery Exhibition.

A tea company with a lot of history

Since then, the company has grown and expanded considerably. They now have more than one hundred employees, including trainees and tea-making veterans. In addition, they have a sustainability team to ensure that it is purchased ethically.

Despite this expansion of the workforce, its values remain intact. They are committed to equity, taste and quality. In addition, one of the important points is the maintenance of family property.

For the manufacture of its teas, Yorkshire has a peculiar and effective way of checking its quality. They test each new batch very carefully, getting to check, even up to a thousand teas per day. Because, in addition, they consume it with and without milk, with hard and soft water, in order to ensure that the product is perfect for any type of person.

Yorkshire Tea’s commitment to the environment

In addition, another of the important points of the company is that they maintain strong relationships with their suppliers, so that they ensure that the quality of the product is always maintained. On the other hand, they often visit them to generate stronger bonds and see firsthand how tea is made.

This helps to pay fair and sustainable prices, in addition to taking into account a responsible manufacturing with the environment and avoid over-exploitation. On the other hand, they combat exploitation thanks to different sustainable programs such as “Rainforest Alliance” and “Trees for life” with which they counteract their production process, in addition to subsidizing a multitude of social processes.

British tea using the best combinations

As for its product, Yorkshire Tea teas have the perfect balance that authentic English tea must offer. There is no product that better defines the United Kingdom than a good tea, so, with them, you can get the perfect combination. They mix between 10 and 20 different flavors to acquire the perfect harmony.

It is a brand that is attentive to all the details, and one of the clear examples is the shape of its envelopes. They have been trying different ways for years to achieve the perfect format for dissolving in water or milk and have concluded that the classic square is the most suitable. It is the newest tradition.

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