Descubre los productos de panadería de Warburtons en Tindale and Stanton


The Warburtons company has been baking bakery products of great taste and quality for more than 135 years. The founders of Warburtons, Thomas and Ellen Warburton, settled in 1876 in a small grocery store in the English town of Bolton. Since then, they offer first quality products and excellent taste, becoming the favorite bakery in the United Kingdom.

If something identifies Warburtons is that it is a family business because they are already in the fifth generation that manages the company. It is the largest bakery business in the United Kingdom, with a total of 14 warehouses and 12 bakeries spread across the country that provide a daily service of fresh and quality products. All this amount of warehouses and bakeries located throughout the United Kingdom allow Warburton to offer its customers fresh and quality products daily.

Only in the last decade, have they doubled in size and profits, establishing that a quarter of all products in the bakery sector consumed in the United Kingdom belong to Warburtons.

Warburtons was the first brand to introduce 600g bread across the country in 2009, and in February 2011 they launched alternative sandwiches with Sandwich Thins and the new Easy Roll Wraps. In 2012, the White Plus range, the new Seeded Batch range products, Sandwich Pittas and the new treatment products were introduced.

The company continues to have the same values as from the beginning. Offer quality products, prepared and baked with the utmost care and always keeping in mind the idea of family and ambition, to continue growing as a business both in Great Britain and abroad. The products are of quality because from the first moment the affection prevails. Hundreds of farmers, both from the United Kingdom and Canada, grow the wheat that will later be used to bake Warburtons bread, guaranteeing an excellent flavor without compromising any step along the way.

Wide range of Warburtons products

Warburtons company has a wide range of more than 70 bakery products: bread, rolls, fruit bread, breakfast products, bagels, Deli Bins, sandwich bread (white, whole grain, with seeds, low calorie, treats for tea time and bakery sandwiches A wide assortment of products to satisfy any gastronomic need.

In addition, they have their own brand, Newburn Bakehouse, with which they sell a wide range of gluten-free and wheat-free bakery products, so that all people suffering from these food intolerances can enjoy the same way of Watburtons baked goods.

In Tindale and Stanton we are official distributors of Warburtons bakery products on the Costa Blanca and the Balearic Islands, so that the entire English community that lives in the areas can enjoy Warburtons products. In TS-Spain we have the white mold bread and the integral bread of Warburtons.

The best bakery products that arrive directly from the United Kingdom for the entire English community in the area. Contact TS-Spain if you are interested in receiving Warburtons products.

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