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The Chelsea Bakery

The Chelsea Bakery is more than a bakery specializing in cakes. It is an experienced manufacturer that offers its products to distributors such as TS-Spain to open its doors to new opportunities and go as far as possible.

We are lucky to be able to offer you their cakes and bakery and pastry products, as it is one of our favorite flavors. They offer a wide range of freshly baked and handmade in England.

The Chelsea Bakery: cakes made with love

As they say: every cake that comes out of your bakery is treated with love, care and attention. And, if something defines The Chelsea Bakery, it is their professionalism and passion for everything they do.

Another characteristic that defines them is that, despite being handmade, all their productions have a very long shelf life, so they are always kept fresh and with a perfect sponginess and texture for a long time.

If you are looking for birthday cakes, cakes for celebrations, for coffee or for any other special occasion, The Chelsea Bakery has one for you. Keep in mind that all the ingredients they use are top quality, which gives them a touch of special freshness.

Cakes suitable for vegetarians

They put care and attention to detail at every step of its preparation, and when a manufacturer is this way, it is a differentiating factor and is evident in their products. And as with their cakes, each consumer is special to them. This is why they have an excellent customer service.

After many tests on their cakes, they are prepared so you can enjoy in the best possible way at any time. This makes the quality they have optimal for your consumption.

Also, because of the type of ingredients they use, their cakes and sweets are suitable for vegetarians. This expands the audience that The Chelsea Bakery can consume. One of their most important commitments that the brand has is with you, so they don’t want to close the door to any customer.

On the other hand, it is an award-winning bakery throughout its history. They have won many national and regional awards since they founded the company. Currently, thanks to that deserved fame, in addition to manufacturing their own genre, they distribute and supply large retailers and wholesalers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

But that is not all. In addition to their cakes, they offer cupcakes of different flavors, finger slices, Flap Jack bars, mini muffins, round cakes, tray, tulips or loaf cakes. And all this, you can get it frozen, so it stays perfect much longer.

Chelsea Bakery cakes at TS-Spain

And the best news is that in TS-Spain you can buy Chelsea Bakery in many of its versions. If you want to know all the products we have, you just have to take a look at our catalog or get in touch with us through the form, by email or by phone.