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Risso is a brand that offers a lot of dairy products, sauces, mayonnaises, vegetable preparations, margarines, cooking fats, and frying oils. This company offers you solutions that will add a lot of value to your dishes. So much so, that it is a brand that is born to serve the best chefs.

Risso members know that hospitality and catering is a very special area, since each place, each moment and each client has different tastes and needs. In addition, any meeting place has different characteristics, be it a hotel, a restaurant, a bar or social catering.

Risso: specialists in oils and fats for cooking

For all this, Risso is a specialist in creating high quality sauces, margarines and fats for chefs or for any field. The brand belongs to the Vandemoortele group, an important multinational in the world of food with experience since 1899. They, in addition to the Risso side, have also specialized in bakery products, which they distribute in bakeries and catering services.

The company bases its values on respect for the environment and other people, the cooperation of its entire team and partners, and above all, ambition. This makes their motto “the best flavor, the best quality, the best service“, bringing a lot of sense and is fully complied with. If something really characterizes them, it is their passion to innovate and to offer an increasingly better product. They don’t settle for what they already have.

Commitment to nutrition, health and its customers

In addition, they have a commitment to nutrition and health, and export it to their products, so they use natural ingredients that make their products a great food option. Risso is attentive to the trends of consumption and health, the products that manufactures, each time, have a more differentiating point. They work every day so that their products have nutritional properties such as Omega 3 and 6.

The Belgian company created Risso to offer a line specialized in products that accompany and give a special touch to your meals. Feel the true taste of a good sauce with any of its lines.

Some of its star products are cooking oils and fats. All of them serve to fry, bake, cook and saute. It is the ideal option for the preparation of fritters, stews, roasts and any preparation of your kitchen. The origin of all its products is vegetable, such as: coconut, palm, sunflower and soy.

Buy Risso at TS-Spain

In Tindale and Stanton, you can buy Risso in many of its variants. We are distributors of British and European products in Spain. You can enter our catalog and check which one best suits you. If you have any questions or want to know more about our products, please contact us through the form or by calling our available phone numbers.