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The Richmond sausages are a well-known product among the British. They are easy to cook, large and tasty. It is a food for the whole family. They can be used for embers or added to other types of dishes as accompaniment, such as stews or sautéed.

They began in 1889, at the time when Lois Moore opened a small shop in Liverpool to sell his sausages. The adventure of the business went well and in 1917 he expanded the goal and opened a sausage factory.

From 1930´s the empire of Richmond’s sausages was extended with 230 people already working on the production of this British food.  In Spain it could not be any different  along with many other options in the market but without a doubt it has its own singular tasty flavor  and that’s why, we at Tindale and Stanton bring them for you.  Whether you are British and want to continue eating the delicious food you had at home or if you have never tried them, we can offer you this special brand.

Richmond sausages: a recipe with a lot of tradition

The recipe for the Richmond is originally Irish, and gradually became a classic among the British community. It is a perfect meal to meet with friends, watch a sporting event, prepare an easy and quick dish or combine it to try something new and elaborate. It is also perfect for the whole family, since its format allows it to be also pleasant for the little ones. Before buying any sausage, discover Richmond sausages and its characteristic flavor.

Nowadays, they still use the same recipe, so they have not lost the essence of their origins. This is a point to thank as many of the brands change their recipe, thus losing their essence, but Richmond still has the same spark and differentiating point that had in its beginning as a manufacturer of sausages.

Discover all varieties of Richmond 

Within the range of products offered by Richmond, we can find thick sausages, thin and skinless sausages; of pork and chicken; prepared for the oven, with and without dressing. In addition, they have a frozen range, so that they stay in better condition: thick, thin, skinless, low in salt and meatballs for pasta.

In addition, on their website we can see a section with ideas and recipes for cooking with the Richmond sausages. For example, chicken sausages with pasta, pasta with tomato and sausage, the traditional British dish “Toad in the Hole” with caramelized onions and Richmond, pizza with sausage, sausage kebabs, spaghetti with meatballs.

In TS-Spain, to encourage your fresh maintenance, we offer you the pack of 16 frozen Richmond sausages. A delight that we know you can not miss in your fridge, so we do not hesitate to make sure that we do not miss our catalog.

TS-Spain: Where to buy Richmond sausages in Spain?

In TS-Spain we have the Richmond sausages, which you can buy in our stores and in our online catalog, as well as check their price. If you need to contact us, you can do so through our form, by sending an e-mail to or by calling any of our telephone numbers

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