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Pukka Pies and pastries are a food that has many virtues. It is a very easy and quick dish to prepare. In turn, it is delicious and has the traditional flavor of a good pie.

Its production method has some basic pillars: refinement, refining, choosing the best ingredients and preparation.

One of the most representative characteristics of Pukka pies is its golden color. It is an attribute that they take great care to achieve a perfect finish. The bakers in their kitchens fold and unite up to 144 layers of puff pastry, perfecting the technique so that its dough is as light and crispy as possible. To get that color, structure and texture, butter of the highest quality is helped.

Pukka Pies so crispy as homemade

The wavy edge presenting cakes Pukka Pies is not only an aesthetic reason. Making it curly, you get much more consistency, thicker and a perfect crisp point.  All this, makes it just like the one you do at home. It has all the goodness of a cake or homemade pie, but conveniently fast and ready to eat.

Top quality meats

The meats used in Pukka pies are top quality. They are clear that, if the condition of the steak is excellent, the quality of the pie will also be optimal. That is why they only use the best meat on the market, taking care of each one of the cuts they make.

The most delicious cooked sauces

Another key to that unmistakable taste of Pukka pies are its sauces. With the marinated sauce they use to accompany the meat filling, they make the explosion of flavor even greater. Thanks to it, the texture and sensation on the palate is thick, delicious and full of flavor.

In addition to its excellent quality, we must bear in mind that Pukka Pies are an excellent choice due to their preparation time. They are very easy to prepare.

All you have to do is place your pie on a tray, put it in the oven and wait between 25 and 30 minutes until golden brown completely.

Once these steps are done, you can enjoy the authentic flavor of a good meat pie.

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At TS Spain we have several Pukka Pies products. Among them we find the Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Luxury Balti Halal Chicken Pie, Steak Pie, Beef and Onion Pie, Steak and Kidney Pie and Jumbo Sausage Roll.

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