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When we talk about Primula, we cannot stop talking about Kavli Truts, a charitable association that donates thousands of pounds every year to support research, humanitarian and cultural projects aimed at improving people’s living conditions. The brand is your property. This is why, every time you buy Primula, you are promoting and helping to defend various causes in the UK and around the world.

Primula’s most outstanding products are its cheese tubes. A very original way of having a necessary complement for many of the dishes we cook daily. All its products are made up of healthy ingredients, since they do not have artificial colors or preservatives. In addition, it does not contain gluten, making it suitable for celiacs. On the other hand, it is valid for vegetarians.

It is the first long-lasting cheese spread in history. And since 1924 they continue to offer the best quality products.  Their products are distributed  to many countries,  but their main market  is the United Kingdom.  For this reason in Tindale and Stanton  we can offer you several of their products,  bringing you a little closer to home.

Primula,  quality and flavor

Primula cheese spread is rich in protein and calcium, two necessary components in our daily nutrition. It is one of the favorite cheeses of the British for its comfort of use and its authentic flavor.

It stands out, above all, for its smooth texture and the security of eating quality food.  You will find all their products contains natural ingredients such as chive, prawns, ham, jalapeño chillies and diced red peppers for their “ paprika “ version.  No synthetic external flavoring.

You can use it as a snack on  toast or in many  recipes such as soups, pastries, risottos, hamburgers, it adds a delicious flavor to purees and an infinity of combinations.

One of Primula’s commitments is to is to offer you ideas with their products and you  can find recipes  available at their website .

You can find a wide variety of Primula product ranges, such as the original flavor, with paprika,  ham,  chives, light spread,  jalapeños and with chillies.

It is a very comfortable spreadable cheese, since it maintains all the properties of a packaged cheese, but also, with the ease of being able to spread it just by exerting a little force and being able to distribute it as you wish in any format.

Primula available in Tindale and Stanton

You can find the Primula range and many other brands here in Tindale and Stanton.

In our website you will have full information on all the products we have available in retail and foodservice.

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