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Mydibel is a brand of chips of the best quality. Above all, they are specialized in the frozen product, since they are committed to the conservation of their fresh product for a long time.

Its history dates back to 1988, when Roger Mylle, passionate about potatoes, founded the company with his family. Every day they process and transport more than 2000 tons of potatoes that are transformed into 255000 tons per year of finished products.

In addition to their own brand, they invest in other private ones and serve other sectors of the market, such as food services, retail and industries. On the other hand, it employs more than 650 people and already exports its productions to more than 120 countries worldwide.

Mydibel: French fries company with family roots and innovation fixation

In 2009, Roger Mylle gave his company to his children, and since then, it has been renovated and improved with a much younger management team. In addition to the familiar aspect, it has acquired an innovative setting that goes beyond the manufacture of products with tubers.

From this moment, it has expanded its range, and has managed to reach much more public. Currently, they have all kinds of variety of products made with potatoes: from traditional fries and varieties of these, to croquettes, hamburgers, purees, granules … A universe of flavor so you can enjoy it in any format whatever your tastes.

In addition to being a company that generates employment, since its inception, it has been committed to the environment. In 2005 they named their sustainable good practices and launched the “Green Factory” project. They are aware of the importance for the company and for the world of contributing to the improvement of the conditions of their manufacturing process.

Potato is a much more nutritious food than you think

Potato is a very nutritious food, since it is rich in carbohydrates, which translates into a lot of energy generation for your body. In addition, 75% of its content is water. It is a great source of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid and minerals such as magnesium and iron. Another of its strengths is its high fiber content, which makes it a great ally for stomach problems and digestion.

Buy Mydibel potatoes in Spain

In TS-Spain we want you to have a product as basic as delicious, and that is why we have several Mydibel products: classic fries, curly, brave style, with thin, thick cut, Deluxe style, dippers, steakhouse, spicy

You can buy Mydibel through our website and discover a world of variety and flavor that you cannot miss.  A very common Belgian classic in the United Kingdom.

If you need more information about our company or about Mydibel, you can contact us through the web or by calling our telephone 966 880 107.