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Kiss Cider

Cider is a product that is increasingly fashionable. It can be taken in many types of situations, such as replacing vermouth, beer or gin and tonic. In Spain, for example, it is increasingly reaching the bars. There are even times when we see cider taps next to those of beer. It is normalizing to the maximum among young and not so young.

In Britain, beer and cider go hand in hand, and beer glasses are as normal as cider. It is a refreshing drink, sweet and sour at the same time. In addition, it can be combined with other drinks such as whiskey or bourbon.

Kiss Cider : the light and balanced drink with natural juice

Among all the brands of cider that we know, we find Kiss Cider, a cider made from apple wine and natural fruit juice. For those who like sweet wine, but want a lower drink in percentage of alcohol, Kiss Cider is your drink, as it only has 4’5% alcohol.

One of the ideal ways to enjoy Kiss Cider is with crushed ice, which, along with the drink, makes it stay cold, alcohol is lowered, and, in addition, you can enjoy its mild flavor to notice all the nuances that hides.

The cider Kiss is a light drink, with a very light and balanced flavor. The different points of flavor that you notice when you drink Kiss Cider are due to the natural apple juice that once fermented, joins with the other flavors. In order to give you different experiences, natural fruit juices are used that give it a special touch.

Kiss Cider: A cider with a wide variety of possibilities

If it is cold, it can be saved from a hot day in summer or it can even be used to go out as a party.

Kiss Cider has a wide variety of products, such as pear, apple, grape, berries, peach or cherry. At Tindale & Stanton, we have available:

  • Kiss Strawberry Wild Strawberry 500 ml
  • Kiss Cider Cherry 500 ml
  • Cider Kiss Pear 500 ml

Another place where cider is consumed a lot and specifically Kiss Cider, is in Lithuania. What is clear is that cider is becoming more and more popular in the market and its consumption has been normalized as a substitute for beer, wine or any soft drink. Clearly cider is a drink that has made a path of its own and is here to stay.

For all this, if you have not tried the Kiss Cider, what are you waiting for? It will not disappoint you. Refreshing and sweet with a  sour edge.  Try the different flavors of Kiss Cider.

TS-Spain, distributor in Spain of Kiss Cider

At TS-Spain we are distributors of Kiss Cider products. If you want to buy any of them, you just have to contact us through our form, our e-mail ( or by calling any of our phones: 966 880 107/965 843 310 / 669 791 124.

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