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Goldenfry: “Made in Yorkshire”

Goldenfry is a British food manufacturer based in West Yorkshire. The tradition of Golden Fry, comes from 1958, when it was just a small one store in the United Kingdom which sold the famous dish “fish and chips”.

Getting GoldenFry products means buying food at a very good price. But, in addition, they are foods full of flavor. The large amount of choice is one of its strengths. You can buy various condiments, sauces, bread crumbs, pudding, pancakes, seasonings and more products.

Bring your dishes to life with GoldenFry

Do not let your dishes get bored and give them life thanks to Goldenfry. Season all types of meat and fish to give them a different touch, whether for you, for your family or to surprise someone with a fantastic lunch or dinner with GoldenFry.

At TS Spain we have different options for all tastes. You can choose and buy a wide range of Goldenfry products.

In Tindale & Stanton we have a great variety of GoldenFry products.

The list of Goldenfry products that are available on our website is the following:

As you can see, if you want to buy products from this fantastic British brand of food items, at TS-Spain you have a great variety. In the United Kingdom this type of dressings is very common for our meals. That is why it becomes an essential to feel at home. You can buy pudding, buy grainy sauces, buy bread crumbs, buy batter for fish and chips, buy the mix to make curry sauce, and many more options that make Goldenfry a food with many uses in our kitchen.

GoldenFry: Tradition, quality and good price

 In addition, Goldenfry is a brand with a family tradition that has been around for more than 70 years. Ken Herridge founded the company and sold fish and chips, a food classic from the United Kingdom and English-speaking countries. For what really stood out Ken’s great cuisine, was for the batter, as it was considered one of the best in the area. Following this point, he began to dare with other innovative products such as sauces and juices of meat and fish. Since 1958 has been offering new ideas for any kitchen, but above all, quality food at the best price. As they say: “Honest food at an honest price“. Ken was really in love with food, which is why he still continues to sell this type of products with as much quality as originally.

At TS-Spain we are distributors of GoldenFry products. If you want to buy any of them, you just have to contact us through our form, our e-mail ( or by calling any of our phones: 966 880 107/965 843 310 / 669 791 124.

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