Cathedral city is the most recognized cheddar cheese in the entire English country. When we want our sandwiches and toasts to transport us to the United Kingdom, we automatically think of them.

In addition, it is one of the most traditional cheeses in the country as it is produced with 100% British milk. With its source from more than 330 local producers it gives quality and assurance that we are in the best hands.

On the other hand, what better way to support the classic and traditional workforce of England?

Cathedral city: cheddar cheese of the best quality

For the same reason, Cathedral City maintains a close social and working relationship with its farmers and ranchers. Most of them are local family businesses that have continued the tradition year after year. This causes them to flee mass production and add a touch of affection in each of the British cheeses they make.

Cheese with authentic British flavor with many variants

Among its wide range of options, you can find block cheese, a very soft and versatile option that has become a classic cheddar among all those we consume daily.

On the other hand, we have a lactose-free version so you can enjoy it without worrying about intolerances or digestion. Whatever your lifestyle and your needs, Cathedral City has an alternative for you.

In addition, they have light options like the new Cathedral City low in calories. Although it is true that cheese is a great food and that it is also a healthy and nutritious choice, they also think of their clients that they have a specific weight goal and have to control the fat ingested. This makes it a high protein product with only 82 calories.

You can also find cheddar in slices, to gratin, snacks for in-between meals also suitable for children or to accompany any meal, as well as cheeses with pepper or low-fat.

Welcome the English cheese from Cathedral City to your table

As distributors in Spain of many British products, we could not miss this brand on our list. Acquiring one of these cheeses can give a special touch to any dish you choose to cook. A healthy, nutritious and delicious food that will make you feel in England without leaving your home.

Retrieve the roots with the artisan products of Cathedral City.

Everyone knows the experience and tradition that supports one of the best producers in England.

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If you want to buy Cathedral City cheddar cheese in Spain, we have a great selection in our catalog so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest and make you feel at home.