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When the Boost Energy drinks landed in the market, Red Bull was already sold in half of the world. However, the approach of offering consumers an alternative and daily use product was always offered.  Boost energy drinks stand out for their amazing taste and the incredible energy they transmit throughout the day. At TS-Spain we had to market Boost energy drinks in Spain for the British public that live on the Costa Blanca and the Balearic Islands. A form of having english products at home.

A company of great internalization, but that has always had very present the local character. One of the measures launched is to enhance the marketing of their drinks Boost at the everyday local shops, to compete in a real way against large supermarkets. These values have been maintained since their creation in 2001.

Energy drinks Boost Energy

The English company Boost Drinks was founded in 2001, marketing a first product: the original Boost energy bottle. A base product that led to the commercialization of flavored energy drinks: Iron Brew and blueberries and also sports drink isotonic.

It was in 2006 that Boost energy drinks began to be commercialized without sugar, without calories, with an incredible taste and in 250ml cans. From that moment, you could drink Boost Drinks anywhere and anytime.

In the eighteen years of Boost Drinks, they have a range of energy products: original Boost Energy, original sugar-free, Boost Energy citrus, exotic fruit, red berries and cherries. Energy drinks without calories or sugar, but flavored with fruits and citrus fruits which have been the most popular drinks due to their interesting flavors. In 2016, the Boost Protein energy drink is launched, a pleasant and healthy drink without added sugars and without fat or calories.

In the range of sports drinks isotonic, Boost Drinks offers different flavors such as  orange drinks, citrus fruits, mixed berries and tropical berries. The perfect drink for athletes.

Company innovation and values of the Boost energy drinks

One of the pillars of Boost Drinks is its continuous innovation to produce products with new flavors that please its market. The main commitment of Boost Energy is to offer a wide range of products that can satisfy the needs and tastes of its customers, low in fat, sugars and calories, without missing the intense and pleasant fruit flavor.

In addition, they are always looking for new forms of greener production, for example, incorporating a packaging that is recyclable. At Boost Drinks they always highlight their total commitment to the environment.

In Tindale and Stanton we market British products in Spain, specifically in the Balearic Islands and in the province of Alicante, the two places where the English community is the largest. Our main goal is to provide your favorite products at home to you here at any time. At TS-Spain we have Boost energy drinks. We sell the original drink of Boost Drinks of 500ml and also the Boost Duo chocolate cadbury´s bar.

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