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Blakemans is more than a brand of sausages. It has a deep-rooted family tradition that comes since the year of its foundation in 1953.

The company over the last 64 years has reached national markets, export, restoration and fast food. Today, it is one of the largest European sausage manufacturers.

Jim Blakeman was learning the trade, until in 1953 he rented a mobile refrigerated van and at the same time acted independently as a sausage maker in the United Kingdom.

Following a traditional recipe, Blakemans sausages have the usual flavor, and it’s something you’ll notice just by smelling them. And even taking this into account, one of the aspects that stands out in Blakemans is the technology they use, they always worry about being up to date.

In fact, for better quality control, they have a device that indicates raw material data at all times to ensure that it is in the best condition. This, in addition to the usual quality controls, makes sausages one of the brands that generates greater security in the sector.

Blakemans: sausages and commitment

Its factory produces 16,000 tons of sausages a year, that is, 300 tons per week. All this taking into account the wide variety of products they have. But not only do they care about machinery and technology, but they give equal importance to human capital, which is why they consider their team the greatest production force.

And, as if that were not enough, they have a great commitment to the environment, so their machines emit a very low level of CO2. They favor the local economy, buying (within the possibilities), the raw material of the area. In addition, they have a very committed recycling policy, both with the packaging and with the food itself, helping to reuse cardboard and plastic and not waste food.

Buy a variety of sausages

In Tindale & Stanton Spain you can find different Blakemans Sausages products:

– Blakemans Lincolnshire Sausages

– Blakemans Cumberland Sausages

– Blakemans Pork Sausage

– Blakemans Sausage Meat

In addition to sausages, our favorite product, Blakemans also manufactures battered meat, smoked bacon and other types of sausages and supreme and premium meat products.

Tindale & Stanton: your place to buy Blakemans sausages in Spain

In TS-Spain we have the famous Blakemans sausages in different formats, so you can feel at home and enjoy some good sausages from the United Kingdom. We are distributors specialized in British products, and this product could not be missing in our shelves.

If you want to buy Blakemans sausages in Spain, TS-Spain is your distributor. We are in the Balearic Islands and on the Costa Blanca. If you want to place an order or have any questions about our products, you can contact us through the form, by sending an email to or by calling 966 880 107/965 843 310

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