Bisto is a British food company known primarily for its sauce products. Bisto’s first product was a meat-flavored sauce powder that was launched on the market in 1908 and quickly became a bestseller.

In 1979 the Bisto granules was introduced which dissolves instantly in hot water to create a sauce substitute. But it was not until 2005 that these granules became increasingly popular with a rise greater than 70% share in the Great Britain market.

In 1991, Bisto presented a prepared powdered veal sold in a glass container. It was characterized by a more intense flavor and chicken and onion flavor were marketed. In 2004 the company diversified its products in cold and frozen after the introduction of Bisto Roast Potatoes.

Great variety of Bisto sauces

Today Bisto sauces are considered the best ‘ready-to-use’ sauces. They are made with extra tasty ingredients and give a very good touch to all meals. The brand distributes prepared sauces of beef and red wine, chicken and thyme, red onion and ale. They also have more basic, but equally delicious, sauces: cheese, pepper and white sauce.

In Bisto they have different flavors of traditional sauces granules: chicken, onion, turkey and vegetables. They also market a range of special chefs sauces that add an extra touch of flavor. Caramelized onion, chicken with sage and onion, lamb with a touch of mint and beef with ground black pepper.

Bisto ready Meals

Bisto has been at the heart of delicious meals for over 100 years, for this reason a new range of ready made dinners with a delicious sauce and tasty ingredients has reached the market and at Tindale and Stanton you can find the following available, Bisto Chilli with meat, Bisto Chicken Hot Pot, Bisto Cottage Pie, Bisto Shepherd´s Pie, Bisto classic Roast Beef or Chicken Dinner and Bisto Bangers & Mash.

Wide range of Bisto products in Alicante and Mallorca with Tindale and Stanton

Discover Tindale & Stanton  Spain the Bisto Products. We have the Gravy sauce in granules, the classic roast chicken bisto, the classic roast beef bisto, the classic sausage and mash bisto, chilli con carne, chicken stew, meatloaf and meatloaf and vegetables.

In Tindale & Stanton we are official distributors of Bisto sauces in Spain, specifically in the Costa Blanca and in the Balearic Islands. You can have a wide variety of sauces and ready meals in your establishment.

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