Aviko is one of the most renowned companies in the world of freezing. Specifically, their specialty is potatoes. It is one of the largest distributing brands of different products related to potato  and frozen products, especially Food Service and retailers.

Among all the products they produce you can find a very wide range. Among other stuffed hamburgers, all kinds of cut potatoes, churros a product made to be fried and eaten with sugar or chocolate, onion rings, mashed potatoes, corn snacks, gratins, battered cheese and croquettes.

Aviko, much more than potato producers

And not only do they settle for offering you all this kind of options, but also, on their website you can find recipes so you can have reference when cooking their products.

When we talk about chips, we automatically think of Aviko as one of the best options for its experience and quality of the products it offers to the market.

It is a Dutch company that was founded in 1962 but was acquired by Royal Consum in 2002, a cooperative of traditional farmers. This management had been cooking since 1990, when it bought 30% of its shares. This gave a plus of professionalism and quality to their productions and packaging. And since then it has become a bulwark of food.

The relationship with the British community has also become one of their  labels, since you can find his products in any establishment that has love for french fries and frozen products of great prestige.

Wide variety of potatoes and frozen with Aviko

Aviko offers many types of potatoes, not only at the variety level, but also for cutting. You can find the traditional cut, with different sizes and thicknesses, such as brave potato that is perfect to accompany with your favorite sauce. As it is a company that has a lot of experience behind it, it has not stopped innovating and has carried out several studies to be able to please all its customers, so that, whatever the restaurant is, there is a variable for you.

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