It is a British food and beverages importer and distributor on three temperatures (dry, fresh and frozen).In 1995, our activity started. After all these career years we have achieved to be one of the major British food importers and distributors in Spain.On our effort to improve day after day, we keep working in incorporating  the best food that is interesting for our customers.We always adapt to our customers’ demands that are as various as: supermarkets,wholesalers, distributors, hotels, cafes, restaurants…Our head office is located in La Nucia (Alicante) and our subsidiary office in Mallorca. Tindale and Stanton supplies to the Horeca group and many extensive areas with our large range of British products.


Any British food and beverages demand that your business requires is held by Tindale and Stanton, from English breads, English bacon, ready-cooked meals and soft-drinks to the most exclusive beers in the British market.Our sales agents may advise you how to compose a suitable menu for British customers,as well as the way to prepare and cook our products.Our products range is divided in two sectors: Horeca Products (for hotels, restaurants and cafes) and Retail Products (for supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores…).